About Us
The company reessanj was established with the aim of improving the quality of products
of textile factories in 1374. The core of this company is formed by employing the most
experienced and most efficient senior engineers in cooperation with Kashan University in
four groups of textile, mechanical, industrial and computer industries. The company's research
center, in collaboration with experienced specialists and university professors, is the centerpiece of research and innovation. With the technology of the day, Rismetter's manufacturing department has been working on designing its own products in addition to its elegant, perfect performance, to be in full compliance with existing standards in order to be able to rank in global markets. The company is proud to have been in the textile industry for two decades and has made up for the needs of the country by manufacturing textile equipment. At the beginning of the third decade, Rimmer has been eyeing global markets and hopes to be a worthy representative for Iran. With the technology of day, R & D company tries to perfectly match existing standards in designing its products in addition to perfectly designed and functional appearance. Attracting the customer's opinion and satisfaction to the company's goals.

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