Build a series of locking fittings, needles
Cone-shaped putty according to standard
4877 Disturbing wire Needle from 0.11 to
0.85 mm, stainless steel length 15 With a
thickness of 2 mm, according to standard 5553 and cervical spine jaw for laboratory pyraihe zist

Making High Temprature Dyeing Tester
for the company par poude pakane

Construction, installation and installation
of the stability device Xenon test light,
condition room cabin and shoulder size
The length of the wool fiber for the
manufacturing company Industrial Rasool Isfahan

Construction and installation of rubbing
machines Automatic, wash stability,
shelf retaining yarn 8 pcs. Height 55 cm
Weight 10 g Four-thread yarn length
measuring frame for Lilian Baft Yazd Co.

Making a wicking meter and measuring
the wicket size And a piece of yarn for
the textile company Pareto

Making of the gauge meter for the yarn
industry Alborz

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